Thank you SPONSORS!

Ciera Bank has generously been the Headliner Sponsor - our most awesomest Possum - for many years. Not only do they provide financial support, their staff mans the Finish Line Rest Stop and their president, Bob Coleman, Co-Chairs our committee. THANK YOU CIERA BANK!"

Ciera BankHeadliner Sponsor aka Head Possum

United Supermarket has been THE Awesome Possum Rest Stop Sponsor for many years providing all the good eats you find at all of our 10 rest stops. Assorted fruits, cookies, nuts and of course, DILL PICKLES! Thank you United Supermarkets for all you do for our community!"

United Supermarket GrahamAwesome Possum Rest Stop Sponsor

What can we say about Wal-mart that you don't already know? How about that they are a GOLD Community Partner and support not only the Possum Pedal, but all of our events! Whether we need financial support or simply help with supplies, Wal-Mart always comes through to help our community grow. Thank you Wal-mart for being a Ballistic Rider!!!"

Wal-MartBallistic Rider and Gold Community Partner

Tim Walker and Rick Edwards are some of our best and biggest supporters! They keep our Finish Line hopping and bopping with fun music! Be sure to listen to the Wake-up Call with Rick and Tim, every morning at 100.5FM"

Y100.5 FM KBLYAwesome Possum and Gold Community Partner

Crazy Water is back again this year!!! And they’re not just water: they’re also a natural sports drink (without all those scary artificial flavors and sugars) which helps aide in rehydration and recovery. How’s that for a bottle of water?"

Crazy WaterAwesome Possum Sponsor

KWKQ 94.7 FM Classic Rock Done RIGHT! Rocking the Lake Country everyday with the music from BANDS THAT ROCK!!! And their sister station 1330 AM playing Classic Country!! Thank you for all you do for the Chamber and for the community of Graham!"

94.5 Classic Rock 1330 Classic CountryGold Community Partner

Bryan Insurance has been serving Graham in 1921! They are a full line insurance agency and big supporters of the Possum Pedal! Becca Sullivan is one the reasons all the great goodies make it out to our rest stops as she helps to coordinate distribution. Thank you Bryan Insurance for being a Rad Racer."

Bryan Insurance AgencyRad Racer

Looking for local news and sports? Look no further than the Graham Leader! You're source for what's happening in Graham and the surrounding community. Thank you Graham Leader for supporting the Chamber."

Graham Leader

Twelve Oaks Dental"

Twelve Oaks Dental

Oncor Electric in a generous sponsor of the 2019 Possum Pedal Ride! Thank you for your continued support of our Graham community!"

Oncor Electric